An introduction to internet wireless broadband

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An introduction to internet wireless broadband

Wireless or Mobile Broadband Internet for boats is a connectivity service that allows boats to access a high-speed Internet connection through a mobile data network. This service is accomplished through the use of a mobile data modem aboard the boat that connects with nearby cell towers to transmit and receive data.

A boat's mobile data modem is a device that uses a SIM card to connect to a mobile data network. The Internet connection speed that can be achieved through mobile broadband for boats depends on the service provider and the mobile network coverage in the area where the ship is located.

Ships using this service can access the web, send and receive emails, make voice and video calls, and access real-time ship monitoring and navigation systems.

However, it is important to note that the availability and quality of the mobile Internet connection can be affected by external factors, such as the distance to cell towers, the topography of the area, and weather conditions. In addition, the connection speed may be limited by fair use policies and data traffic on the mobile network.

Some of the main providers of hardware for Internet connection in smart buildings and boats are:

  • Teltonika: It's a company specialized in connectivity solutions for IoT (Internet of Things), offering a wide range of networking and connectivity devices, including routers, switches, gateways, modems and GPS tracking devices. The company has a strong presence in the commercial vehicle, transportation and logistics market, offering advanced telemetry and fleet tracking solutions. In addition, Teltonika also offers smart home networking and connectivity solutions, including Wi-Fi routers and access points, which offer fast and secure connectivity for the home and connected devices.
  • Ubiquiti Networks: It's a company that designs and manufactures networking and connectivity solutions, including routers, switches, access points, IP cameras, and other network devices. Ubiquiti Networks is known for its high-quality wireless technology, which allows users to connect to the Internet quickly and securely. The company offers solutions for both home and business, including high-speed wireless network solutions and network storage devices and outdoor connectivity solutions, such as antennas and security cameras, which allow users to stay connected and protected at all times.
  • Peplink: It's a brand of networking and connectivity devices that provides solutions for smart homes, small and medium-sized businesses, and recreational vehicles, including boats, RVs, and ATVs. Peplink offers a wide range of devices, such as routers, switches, access points, and antennas, that are designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity across multiple networks and connectivity technologies, such as Wi-Fi, LTE, and satellite. In addition, Peplink also offers a VPN and WAN load balancing solution for businesses that require constant and secure connectivity.

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"Mobile broadband Internet provide a wide variety of benefits for users of the service, although the quality and availability of the connection may be affected by external factors."

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